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Industrial, RV, Marine and Agriculture Pumps

SURGEflo produce, manufacture and distribute high quality 12 and 24 Volt water Pumps for many types of water including sea water, salt water, fresh water, bilge water and much more.

Surgeflo are the cost effective, often half the price of other brands of the same quality. Check our prices before you choose another brand.

Surgeflo are designed for boats, caravans, mobiles, cars and any other application where twelve (12) volt or twenty four (24) volt power exists. Pumps also come in 230 volt and 115 volt.

   Wash Down Agricultural Pumps
Bilge and Shower Pumps
Spraying and general purpose Pumps
Industrial Water Pumps

SURGEflo produce:

Low Pressure, Low Volume Water, Pressure System Pumps with Internal Bypasses
Water Pressure System Pumps - High Volume
General Purpose System Pumps, Wash Down Pumps and Bait Tank Pumps
Water System - High and Low Volume Kit
Bilge System Pumps
Shower Drain System Pumps - High Volume
Water pump accessories and parts

These small light weight pumps are ideal for boats, caravans and mobiles.

Quad Power Pump

1. Stainless steel bolts
2. Water resistant pressure switch
3. Snap-in connection
4. Special valve and diaphragm for easy priming
5. Moisture resistant O-ring seal motor
6. Double ball bearing motor for smooth, quiet operation
7. Rubber mounted for smooth and quiet operation
8. Sealed drive bearings, corrosion resistant

Special Pumps


Please enquire for technical information regarding your specific requirements


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